February 2022 Tip Bits



Wellbeing toolkit at your fingertips

Heard of The Five Ways to Wellbeing? They are simple and proven actions you can introduce in your workplace to help staff find balance, build resilience, and boost their mental health and wellbeing:

  • Connect: feeling close to and valued by others boosts wellbeing. Take a moment every day to connect with colleagues.
  • Be Active: being physically active improves physical health and can improve mood and wellbeing, decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety. Go for a walk or run. Step outside.
  • Take Notice: pay more attention to the present moment, thoughts, feelings, and the world around.
  • Keep Learning: be curious. Try something new. Take on a new responsibility.
  • Give: acts of kindness, small or large, can increase happiness and life satisfaction. Do something nice for a teammate. Thank someone. Volunteer.

It sounds simple but it’s often the simple things that fall through the cracks. Workplaces have a legal responsibility to manage risks to mental health and wellbeing just like they do any other health and safety risk.

Employers are recognising that wellbeing is an asset. An Australian study found employers who take effective action to create mentally healthy workplaces can expect a return on investment of $2.30 for every dollar spent. Workplaces that prioritise mental health have better engagement, reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity, while people have greater morale and higher job satisfaction.

Have you incorporated measures to support wellbeing into your business’ health and safety plan? A toolkit that makes it easy to support your people to build the Five Ways into their day-to-day lives can be found on the Mental Health Foundation’s website.

Register for our next free educational video on Mental Health First Aid.

Omicron is here and anxiety may be higher in Auckland and around NZ then ever before.   Most of us were not trained as counsellors and yet suddenly we are in the position of facing anxiety at home, among friends and family.

Aims of video:
  • Share an explanation of what is mental health first aider?
  • What are the first steps in approaching a person suffering from anxiety?
  • Steps to go for further help?
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Time is money: make the most of 2022

Are you familiar with the ancient Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’? This is one our company’s values that we are excited about exploring more this year.

Kaizen is the principle of continuous improvement that can make a huge difference to the efficiency of any company and is saving some of the world’s most powerful companies millions of dollars a year. Sound good? Here are ways you can embrace Kaizen to improve your business.

  • What’s your waste? – This isn’t just about what’s ending up in the rubbish, it’s also unnecessary movement, overproduction of stock, waste due to mistakes, and time spent waiting. Examine whether the waste is avoidable or could be made more efficient.
  • Get organised! – Create a standardised work week so the same things are happening on the same day or time. Organise your equipment so everything has a home, and everyone knows where it is.
  • Create visual systems – Get everything out of your head and onto a board –the goals and priorities, how you’re tracking, and who’s responsible. It helps with communication and eases the pressure on you because you now don’t need to be there to answer all the questions.
  • Non-utilised resources – Listen to your team; their ideas and even their hidden talents could be put to good use.

You don’t have to spend millions on flash solutions


LIFT Workshop online

LIFT your business

Listen attentively.

Interact with others.

Fuel your business growth.

Transform your results.

Too often we hear business owners say they feel like a slave to their business.
Your business is there to serve you; not the other way around.


Workshop 1
4 Business habits to develop resilience & create success.

Workshop 2
Relationships to cultivate.

Workshop 3
Embrace change with new business mindsets.

Workshop 4
7 ways to improve cash in your business.

Workshop 5
Understand the customer journey.

Workshop 6
Financial Awareness – know your numbers.


Work smarter not harder

New business advice and encouragement

Hear real life stories from other business owners

More profit, more time back and less stress


Identify steps to improve your cashflow.

Understand how to read and use your xero reports.

Clarify specific actions you want to take.

Network with other
business owners.

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Registration on this waitlist is not confirming that you do definitely want to attend – only that you are interested so you can be be personally offered the opportunity to attend with dates and prices as soon as possible.  We will be opening up registrations as soon as our waitlist has reached the threshold of numbers interested to run this course. 

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