Resurgence Support and 3 Essential Tools for Business Success

3 Essential Tools for Business Success

For us, business success means owners achieving financial, time and mind freedom. Whether you want more money to enjoy your desired lifestyle, more time for your family and friends, or less stress, there are three business tools that can help you achieve freedom.

On Wednesday 20th October at 12pm, join us for our complimentary webinar, The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success, where you’ll:

  • Discover the three most powerful tools for success and how to use them
  • Understand the power of 1%
  • Learn how you can best deal with inevitable change
  • Learn how these tools can generate more cash, more time, or less stress
  • Increase your confidence and motivation to take control of your business

Register now and if you can’t attend we’ll send you the recording later.



Resurgence Support Subsidy

As we are preparing GST returns this month we are aware of some clients who applied for the wage subsidy for themselves.   However, while most did, some clients did not apply for the resurgence support grant. This is a separate process and is available from the Inland Revenue rather than MSD.  If you were able to apply for the wage subsidy you would have also been able to apply for the resurgence support because this Grant has different and easier criteria about drop in income levels.


Please contact us if you want more information or register by clicking below if you wish us to make the application for you.  Our process includes checking that you can apply because your income drop meets the criteria, if necessary talking with you, keeping records of our investigation and calculations before we apply on your behalf. The money goes straight to your bank account!




Should you pay your staff to get vaccinated

You cannot make the covid vaccination compulsory for employees, but should you pay them an incentive to be vaccinated?

Recently, local company Steel and Tube announced its workers would receive a $150 bonus in the form of cash, shares or KiwiSaver contributions if they are fully vaccinated by mid-November. For employees of Vanguard in the USA, it’s an even bigger reward: $1000 for every vaccinated employee.

Protecting your team

If an unvaccinated employee contracts covid-19, they may be very unwell and could potentially infect other people at your business.

Although being vaccinated will not completely prevent your team from being infected, according to the Ministry of Health, “after getting two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, more than 9 out of 10 people are protected against covid-19 regardless of their age, health status or ethnic group.”

When workers are vaccinated, they are less likely to get covid-19 and if they do get it, they’re likely to be less sick. They’re less likely to transmit covid, and less likely to require a lot of time off or to get long covid.

Supporting your employees

Reducing the risks associated with covid-19 means there is a benefit to having your team vaccinated – $150 per person may be very good value for money.

However, you will need to tread lightly. Vaccination is a sensitive topic involving personal health records. In addition, you must avoid employees feeling coerced. You must also avoid discrimination against people who cannot get the vaccines due to a health condition, for example.

Businesses cannot require an employee to be vaccinated but they can require that certain work can only be done by vaccinated workers.

Other ways you can support your employees are allowing them time-off to get the vaccine without loss of pay or leave and providing the Ministry of Health information (in the link above) about the benefits of vaccination.

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